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Designing Your Life

如何應用設計思考 (設計思維) 設計自己的人生呢?

Designing Your Life 提供了五種心態跟一些實用的工具可以使用。

  • 好奇心 (curiosity)
  • 試一試的行動導向 (bias to action)
  • 隨時轉換視角看待問題 (re-framing)
  • 覺察一切都是過程 (awareness)
  • 隨時尋找一起上路的夥伴合作 (radical collaboration)

這裡有二個作者 Bill Burnett & Dave Evans 的演講,可以幫助讀者更快速的了解書中的內容。

Designing Your Life: Bill & Dave Live

Dave Evans: “Designing Your Life” | Talks at Google

圖文:Erik Chang / 張正明



  1. 將設計思考跟 Circular Economy (CE) 結合的 Circular Design Thinking
  2. 給設計思考實踐者的資源 Design Thinking Resources For Practitioners

五個設計思考 / 設計思維 的案例:

  1. Adding Value to Service Expansion: Vlisco’s Innovation Journey

    The Dutch company Vlisco produces traditionally crafted ‘Dutch Wax Print’ fabrics for West African markets. Lately, the organization faces disrupted markets, competition, and Chinese counterfeit – and uses design thinking to come up with a new vision to secure its future.

  2. A Tough Crowd: Using Design Thinking to Help Traditional German Butchers

    “If this were a good idea, someone would have done it already”: this is what a design thinking team heard, over and over again, when trying to develop new business concepts for traditional butcher shops in Germany. As design thinkers and fans of wild ideas, they were used to skepticism – but definitely not to the level they’ve encountered in this project with the butchers.

  3. How SwipeSense Makes Hand Cleaning In Hospitals As Easy As Wiping Them On Pants

    We go to hospitals expecting to get better. But in many cases, they only make you sicker. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 2 million Americans contract Hospital Acquired Infections, resulting in 100,000 deaths and over $30 billion in costs to the health care system per year.

  4. How Design Thinking Turned One Hospital into a Bright and Comforting Place

    Long dreary corridors, impersonal waiting rooms, the smell of disinfectant — hospitals tend to be anonymous and depressing places. Even if you’re just there as a visitor, you’re bound to wonder, “How can my friend recover in such an awful place? Will I get out of here without catching an infection?” The transformation of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital suggests that it doesn’t have to be this way.

  5. 新零售新業態背景下的挑戰:如何設計一間實體店?

圖文:Erik Chang / 張正明


Ethnography in Outcome-Driven Innovation

民族誌研究法常常被應用在設計思維的創新流程中去獲得未滿足的客戶需求,Tony Ulwick 在底下這個線上研討會中,討論如何更好的應用民族誌研究法在創新流程中。(其實是推廣他的 Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) 流程,建議先分析 Jobs-To-Be-Done,再做用戶研究,然後用新的用戶細分 (customer segment) 取代 Persona )

參考文章:The Role of Ethnographic Research in the Innovation Process

圖文:Erik Chang / 張正明


昨天的時候,回到母校天津南開大學商學院幫MBA學生,做一場設計思維工作坊。傳統的 MBA 教育還是偏重在分析、規劃以及專科教育,正好薛紅志老師今年想開個創新管理的選修課程,因此我們一起合作,在課程中引入設計思維工作坊,嘗試不同的教學模式。

以往在做對公益組織做培訓或者在愛立信學院內的培訓的時候,都是以 24 人以內的小班為主,這一次的創新管理課程竟然有超過 70 人選修,因此如何一方面維持設計思維工作坊的精神,另一方面又要讓這麼多學生有良好的學習體驗,就是這一次課程的難點。在課程規劃的時候,感謝 Adam 周碩倫老師分享他如何在企業內舉辦一天的「創新激勵營」的經驗,這對於我產生很大的啟發


Office Lens 20150926-094947

這是我今年第二次嘗試在大學內跟老師合作開設創新相關課程,我希望能夠藉由我的專業對於學生創造正向的影響,並且能夠讓學生更有創新與企業家精神。這次帶領 14 桌學生進行設計思維工作坊,也是人生難得的體驗。人生本來就是場有趣的旅程,希望我能不斷嘗試,活的精采。


  1. 天津南開大學商學院 薛紅志 老師
  2. Adam 周碩倫老師
  3. 中國傳媒大學藝術學部設計思維創新中心 稅琳琳 主任

圖文:Erik Chang / 張正明

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